What is Horift Water tank?water tank (1000ℓ)

What is Horift Water tank?

Since then, it has actually been used for typhoons and earthquakes in Japan.
The purpose of this tank is to store and supply water in an emergency.The stored water can be used for drinking, hand washing, and laundry.The tank can be stored in a folded state, so it does not take up much space.After assembling the tank, 1000 liters of water can be hygienically stored.In addition to storing water, the tank can also be used as a storage rack.


Horift Water tank Product Specifications

Product name:Horift Water(tank)
Capacity: 1,000 L
Size: W1,137 x D1,137 x H1,099mm
When stored: W1,137 x D1,137 x H230mm

10 Advantages


Advantage 1) Outstanding storability!

Ease of storage of water supply tank

Space-saving assembled type
Foldable, compact, and space-saving. It can also be placed vertically in a corner of a warehouse.


Advantage 2) Convenient large capacity!

Water supply tank 1000ℓ capacity

Holds 1000ℓ of water
When assembled, it has a conveniently large capacity to hold 1 ton of water. It is efficient because a large amount of water can be stored with a single water supply from a water truck.


Advantage 3) Less work load! No tools required

No cleaning required for the water supply tank

Manual assembly takes only 5 minutes, and no cleaning is required due to the replaceable inner bag.
Even in unexpected situations, work is easy and does not place a burden on the site. Assembly can be done by hand by two adults in 5 minutes. After use, only the inner bag needs to be disposed of, eliminating the need for cleaning.


Advantage 4: Lightweight and easy to handle! Easy to move

Lightweight water supply tank

Two people are enough to do all the work.
Because it is lightweight and easy to handle, no special strength is required. Assembling, moving, and setting up can be done by two people without difficulty. This is also recommended for municipalities that are short on manpower.


Advantage 5: Safe for drinking water! Compatible with drinking water

The tank can also be used for drinking water.

The tank conforms to Japanese hygiene standards for drinking water tanks.
Since the tank is sealed in a hygienic inner bag, it can be used safely for drinking and cooking water as well as for domestic use.


Advantage 6: Safe for unattended management!

Lockable water tank

The outer bag can be locked with a padlock.
The outer bag can be locked to prevent tampering with the water. This prevents tampering with the water.


Advantage ⑦High transportation efficiency!

Water tanks can be placed on trucks.

High transportation efficiency by truck.
Tanks can be placed on trucks for efficient transportation.


Advantage #8: Alternative to water trucks!

Alternative to water trucks

If you put a tank filled with water on a truck and patrol the area, you can distribute water to many people.


Advantage  ⑨Two taps are available for quick operation.

Tanks that can distribute water quickly

Two faucets are attached to the tank.
The water comes out at different speeds, so you can use one to supply water to plastic bottles and the other to supply water to buckets.


Advantage 10: The tank turns into a shelf for organizing relief supplies at shelters.

Can be used to organize relief supplies at shelters.

When the tank bags are removed, the tanks can be used as shelves for organizing supplies.
It is difficult to organize and store relief supplies at evacuation centers. By utilizing tanks with the bags removed as shelves, it will be easier to provide supplies to those who need them.


Reason for introduction:

The community is strongly aware that water is the most important lifeline, and they were very worried that they would not be able to obtain water due to a disaster.
In addition, the public water supply center is located at the bottom of the hill in this community association, and we were concerned about our physical strength to carry heavy water up the hill and back.
After confirming with city officials that water trucks could be dispatched in the event of a disaster, the community association decided to consider the purchase of water tanks.

There are two main types of water tanks: stationary and collapsible. The folding type tank was chosen due to storage space issues. It is easy to assemble and has a good hygienic structure.

When I actually assembled this one, I got the impression that the structure is simple and easy to assemble.
Horitomi Shoko Co., Ltd. has been actively volunteering in areas where water has been cut off due to disasters, and I got the impression that they are using local needs to improve their products, which gave me a greater sense of trust in them.

There were many active questions during this disaster drill, and it seems that residents' awareness of emergency water supply has increased.


Reason for introduction:

This year marks the 50th anniversary of our association, which was founded in 1972.
On this occasion, we would like to take this opportunity to express our
We were looking for something to donate to the city and the water and sewerage department to express our gratitude. This is why we chose this tank.
In recent years, not only earthquakes but also abnormal weather conditions have caused a great number of water outages. We thought that this tank would surely be useful in such cases.
The first reason why we chose this tank from several candidates among emergency water supply tanks was that it has a foldable structure, so it does not require a large space for storage.

The assembly itself is very easy, and from our perspective as professionals in the plumbing industry, the parts are sturdy and extremely reliable.
This reliability was also a major reason why we chose this tank.




Reason for introduction:

A Japanese university conducted an on-campus disaster drill using this tank on December 22, 2022.
Here are some comments from the university.

We visited the areas affected by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake. and the Kumamoto Earthquake at our university and found that securing water in times of disaster was a major issue.
Subsequently, we were able to dig disaster wells and secure water wells. However, due to the distance between the well and the university, a tank was needed to carry the pumped water to the university on the back of a truck, and we were considering what method would be best.

At that time, we learned of the existence of this tank through an introduction from a company we do business with in the prefecture.
When we actually checked out the tank, we found that it was strong enough to transport and compact enough to store. This was the deciding factor in our decision to install this tank.

Assembly was easy and quick for both male and female staff.



horift water tank


This tank was born from the experience of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake.
Since then, it has actually been used for typhoons and earthquakes in Japan.

We are Horitomi Shoko Co., Ltd., a Japanese company with 137 years of history.
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